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We share the same sky

A Climate Musuem

Visitors create chaotic turbulence in the clouds on the floor, which is then projected onto the globe.

Venus on the left, Mars on the right. A thin blue-green oasis runs down the middle. If we push the stream of life too far, it will no longer support life. It reminds visitors of how precious our verdant world is as they walk through the space.

Our home floating in space: Earth's thin atmosphere protects us from harmful UV radiation and debris from the formation of the solar system. We sail the darkness of space on a rock with a thin life support system. Visitors can experiment with changing the dynamics of our atmosphere and imagine what life would be like it things were a little different. They then can create lifeforms that could try to live under different climates and environments on special software or on a shared digital canvas.

Create the future! Visitors, aided with virtual reality, work together to respond to the climate crisis and envision a new future. Many environments and scenarios are given as starting templates. Here, visitors reclaim an abandoned town square after building climate resilience in the city. The visions are collaborative, curated and made available for download.

We welcome you to share in our vision for a Climate Museum. The Climate Museum is conceived as a cross-disciplinary experience, where the arts and sciences link together to increase understanding of the Earthís climate, its relevance to our fate as a species, and most importantly, to inspire visitors. The museum would merge concepts of modern art museums and modern science museums, with exhibitions, live music and theater performances, interaction, and unique discoveries. It would be a place where visitors are immersed in the experience, allowing for reflection and gratitude for our planetís atmosphere. It would be a place to linger indoors and out in quiet consideration.

The story of climate change is compelling in its own right; theories of the greenhouse effect go back over century, and climate policy has stretched back a few decades. Now we stand on a precipice.

Scientific researchers have been diligent in contributing to understanding the mechanisms and impacts of climate change, informing policy makers and educating students. Yet the general public often feels that climate change is too large and abstract to confront as individuals, leading to an engagement gap. Therefore we see a ripe opportunity to reach out and inspire the population of people who want to contribute their thoughts and ideas, and are looking for an outlet to do that.

We build on current pedagogic research that shows that experienced-based learning is more impactful when it engages the senses and elicits an emotional response. People understand what they experience, what they feel, and this serves as the basis for personal reflection. In this sense the visitor experience is generative, in that it promotes further personal investigation and interaction. The museum will be a contributive, collaborative, creative, and community experience.

Can a climate museum make a difference? It is a start. No dedicated climate museums exist yet, though one day, we foresee a network of climate museums around the world. It is a vision, and the goal now is to propagate the idea and build momentum in order to bring it to fruition. We welcome anybody to contribute with ideas, resources, contacts, or simply their endorsement and support.

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