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We share the same sky


The intersection of creativity, climate science and community.


In the face of an imminent, slow, all-encompassing crisis, we are tempted to shrug our shoulders and ask “but what can I do?”

We can care. We can imagine. We can create. When we create, it is difficult to feel angry, helpless. Despair and helplessness are transformed into engagement. That’s the mechanism that Climagination seeks to address: to be bold, to be courageous, to be unified. This is humanity at its best.


Climagination is a platform for inspiration and creation as a response to our changing climate. Climagination serves as a unifying force to get people engaged in the climate issue.


The climate is something that unites humanity. We all live under the same sky and breathe the same air.

We create our world through our visions, values and imagination; we have the potential and tools to create the world we desire.

Creativity is a sea wall against the ocean of despair.

Creation stimulates the imagination, even though we typically think of it going the other way. Creativity inspires imagination which in turn inspires creativity. Without imagination, there is no space for new ideas or solutions.

When we imagine together, we co-create. New possibilities and opportunities emerge when we collectively inspire each other.


Climagination’s purpose is to aspire to the narrative that we have the power to create the future world we want.

Climagination’s purpose is to be a catalyst for creativity to inspire climate action

Climagination’s purpose is to inspire engagement in the climate issue through creativity.

Activities and Goals

  • Publish a yearly anthology of climate inspired creative work
  • Host pop up exhibitions and performance events
  • Curate resources for teaching and local experiences in creating events
  • Host creativity retreats and workshops for climate inspired writing, art, and performance
  • Publish a series of children’s books about climate
  • Facilitate a “design our future” virtual space where people can contribute their ideas and desires an co-create a vision
  • Create a climate museum

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